food illustration for Glug magazine
book coverr illustration
Riso printed Italian recipe
illustration for Mint magazine
Flower collage poster for (Korea)
Riso printed poster for solo exhibition
Greeting cards & posters collection PaperBoy london
Children book about philosophy and love
Halloween illustration for Les Echos website
Dada art magazine for children still life illustrations
still life 2022 - Part 1
Food and literature magazine cover
Five holidays restaurants for Zenchef magazine
Packing school lunch for Cubby
August illustration for Hoppy corporate calendar
Summer prints!
"On lirait le Sud" poster for South of France Region
Children jigsaw puzzle!
Illustrations for children audiobook about Marseille
Illustration for Bastille magazine
Rainbow icecream to celebrate 2022 Pride Month
Toddlers bookshelf ideas for @Cubbyathome
Cheers! greetings card
Potatoes collective art book
Still life with tomatoes
Print of imaginary ice-cream stick packaging
Still life 2022 - part 1
Still life illustration for Adobe live streaming
Self-portrait at the desk
Still life with english muffin and coffee
Illustration for
Illustrated playful learning books for children
Cherry still life
Still life collection vol.4 sept/dec 2021
Bakery tote bag
home from the market!
Coffee and bread still life
Still here still life inspired illustration
Moka screen-printed tote bag
YEAR OF THE TIGER matchbook-style illustration
Fruits + flowers still life
Kimchi jar label illustration
Veggies trolley after the farmer market
5 a day!
Retro style illustration of a set of desserts
Illustrated chidren book "Where to find freedom"
Retro-style illustrated greeting cards
Télérama magazine - The new Art History
Los Angeles Times Saturday cover
Music-food festival poster
Cinnamon rolls
Mulled wine
Autumn moodboard
"Et toi, qu'est ce que tu manges?" children cookbook
YA novel book cover
Paris City Guide by CHPT3
"La cuisine italienne" illustrated cookbook
Pantry puzzle by Cloudberries UK
Pomme d'Api Children/parents magazine
Beach lady
Still life illustrations summer 2021
t-shirt design for Cusmoz: The Martini
T-shirt illustration collaboration with Cusmoz : Spritz
New York Times Book review illustration
The New York Times Book Review: A case for the ordinary
Lucia Calfapietra X Cusmoz Lobster embroidered jacket
Greetings cards Lucia Calfapietra x AHD paper company
Rainbow food
Tapas magazine cover and spots
Illustration for Pomme d'Api parenting insert
Still life illustrations vol.2
Illustration for a fathering book
"Thera" beer label illustration
Marseille soap packaging
Beach Umbrellas 1000 Piece Puzzle
Advent calendar packaging
Pelerin magazine - worried of being contaminated
Popi magazine
Spices pattern
Les Echos Weekend magazine
Télérama magazine
TOYS play card
Biscotti Cherubini
Gelato illustrations
The candy box
Cocktail cards
15 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Better
Read it Forward / Penguin Random House
Pèlerin magazine
Sens et santé - learning how to wait
Read it forward / Penguin Random House
Is prison system working? - Télérama magazine
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